Letter from Rod   (21st Oct 2020)

Dear friends,

I’m simply bowled over by the generosity of our folk at St Andrews’ and St Nicholas. As I write the number £9000 I can still hardly believe it, but with Gift Aid added, that is the amazing total of our Gift Days last weekend! In a year when so many have faced hardship and uncertainty, we have been truly blessed by so many gifts that will enable us to honour our commitments and look towards a more settled and (dare I say?) normal year ahead!

Ros and Wendy are the only ones who see the amounts each person has given, and they will be writing to everyone who they can identify as having made a gift, but from me, a most sincere and heart-felt thank you to you all.

I hope our regular 10.30am congregation will be charitable in a different way on 1st November and allow a baptism from outside of our parish during the service. The baptism of our granddaughter Edith Willow. The Feast of All Saints seemed a fitting occasion, and I hope we might all enjoy a baptism once more after so many weeks without.

Could I also re-emphasize the request that everyone wear masks to enter and leave the church building from this Sunday onwards? Once seated, the choice is entirely yours whether to comply with government requirements, but scientifically, masks give little benefit once we are seated at the correct social distance. But in solidarity with those who are under much greater restriction than us, I think we would be making the right gesture to wear them on entry and exit.

To assist the stewards at the door in ticking off your name, you might bring a card with your surname printed large to show them at a 2 metre distance, rather than approach closer or have to shout through your mask!

And finally …. the clocks go back this Saturday night so we can all enjoy a well-earned extra hour in bed.

Bless you and thank you all again.

Rod x

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