As an Inclusive church we believe God’s love is for everyone and should be shown to all people. We do this through the care of each other and the communities in which we live through loving service and creating a place of welcome. We honour the tradition of our beautiful building and our place in the community as the Civic Church. Our worship holds the eucharist and the place of music at its core in a way that is accessible to all. We believe that as well as caring for one another, caring for the world in which we live demonstrates our care for creation.

Meet the Team

Parish Priest

Rev Anton Campbell
Associate Curate

Eryl spencer
Licensed Lay Minister LLM

Linda Silk
Benefice Worship Leader

Mary Pennell
Benefice Worship Leader

Viv Prout
Benefice Worship Leader

Laurinda Elliott
Benefice Worship Leader

jennifer Norris
Church warden

Gavin Macrae
Church Warden

Margaret Harrison
Deputy Church Warden

Christina Knowles
Parish Administrator

Christopher Norris

Showing God’s love through Welcome, Service and Inclusiveness