Wednesday and Thursday

Dear friends,

Thank you to all of you who have sent encouraging messages, photos and responses to the various material we have been sharing. It is a huge challenge for us all to be Easter people this year though all of this. But let’s be steadfast, let’s make the Easter victory an act of the will – say “yes” to the good news of our faith rather than, “I don’t feel like bothering”.

Do have a look on the website at the beautiful Palm Sunday photos and the Easter gardens so far. They are wonderfully encouraging. And send your pictures too.

I’ve also put my letter – about spiritual preparation for the possibility of becoming ill – on the website, under the “Messages from Rod” banner, so if you’d like to read it, you don’t need to request a copy, unless you’d like one to keep it or share with others.

Holy Wednesday
The last of the reflections on John Chapter 12 is attached if you are following night prayer tonight (again, all available on the website now). There won’t be a reflection for Maundy Thursday because I hope the attached Agape (the Greek word for love) liturgy will speak for itself.

Maundy Thursday
Bishop Viv will be leading worship at 10.30am on the diocesan website which would be good to share in.

In the evening, I hope you will be able to join in the Agape, which needs a little preparation before we start. Sue and I will be keeping this service at our kitchen table at 7.30pm on Thursday, rather than celebrating a Eucharist in church, so that would be a good time to start together if you can.

You are invited to sit at your meal table, with a bowl of water big enough to dip your hands in and a towel, a piece of bread, a glass of wine or juice, a pinch of salt in a dish, a cross (your palm cross if you made one) and a candle and matches.

At the end of this service, you’ll be invited to take the lit candle and cross to your place of prayer or your living room table – where you might place some flowers also if you have them – and turn out the house lights to spend a little time in silence.

Again, though we are sharing bread and wine or juice, this is not holy communion. We will gather again for that wonderful sacrament of belonging when we are free once more, but for now, this sharing of our daily bread can bring us all close in our separate locations.

Love and God bless

Rod and Sue x