Church building closes

Dear friends,

Every new communication I share with you is more heart-breaking than the last. Now our churches are closed and locked till the other side of Easter, and even my convoluted scheme to make the sacraments available has been swept away. I can no longer offer you the sacraments in church or at home in this terrible crisis.

I’ve not doubt that sharper minds than my own will be putting great thought into how we might celebrate our Lord’s resurrection on Easter Day, and I will certainly keep you informed if the church comes up with something especially creative.

At the moment, it all feels like the last episode of “Rev” – if you remember the TV series we used as a Lent course two years ago. We are walking the Way of the Cross where so much that is precious feels stripped away.

But perhaps the best line in the best hymn in all the history of hymns is this: “Emptied Himself of all but love.”

Holy Week is just that, the experience of having everything precious stolen away, until only the things that matter most are left. Only the one thing that matters.

Love will triumph. it is the wisdom of God and the power of God.

Every blessing


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