Our pledge to the Diocese

Dear all,

I’d like once again to thank everyone for such a stunningly generous response to our Gift Day last month! I’m pleased to say that on the strength of everyone’s response, the Church Council has pledged to pay our Parish Share to Bristol diocese in full for 2021. The Parish Share is our contribution to provide clergy for the parishes of the diocese, and St Andrew’s has always covered the cost of our own ministry, as well as contributing towards parishes that are not able to fully pay for a priest themselves. We therefore have committed to give £96,000 next year. Thank you all most sincerely.

At this time of year, we would normally be gathering pledges from our own congregation ready for St Andrew’s Day, but this year, after such a response already, we’d simply like to encourage any who do not yet do so, to give to St Andrew’s or St Nicholas’ by Standing Order or through the Parish Giving Scheme if you possibly can. Paperwork for either of these ways of giving is available from Ros. And I do thank you all for your regular giving, which is always so generous, as well as the wonderful Gift Day!

This lock-down is perhaps less of a shock than last time, as we mostly know what to expect, but it certainly feels more of a trudge! We’re not expecting (as maybe we were before) to have beaten the virus when we emerge, but we do have the blessing of our bubbles and contact with a friend outside – as well as children continuing at school – and the church can be open! Do let me know if there is anything you are struggling with, though: there are all kinds of ways that we can help.

Do send photos of your Sunday worship tables for us to share – as well as your Advent window art (remember)! Also, there is a big space on the floor in church which we can consider as “creative space” during  lock down. There is a cross of autumn leaves there at the moment, but if anyone would like to create a picture there for us to enjoy, please do!

And finally … Eryl has devised an ingenious way of sharing of “Advent Crib Journey” this year for families with young children. Details below, but contact Eryl if you or someone you know might like to join in.

God bless