News 13th May

Dear everyone,

Some ideas have come in to help inspire us to create an Ascension garden!

A great thought is a petal picture. Sketch a picture in outline, then raid your flowerbeds for colourful petals to stick on. Big in Spain apparently as Christian Street Art!
Other ideas include featuring Jacob’s Ladder (if you can find some) in a vase of flowers – the JL should stand up above the others… clever! Also, apparently there’s a flower called Angel Wings – though where you can get it is beyond me, as is how you would use it to tell the story. But garden centres are open again, so go and seek inspiration! Ascension Day is 21st May, a week tomorrow.

More importantly, this is Christian Aid week, and I do apologise that the fact passed me by.

Fund raising plans are pretty much on hold for them, but if you would like to make a donation, do please visit their website. There is apparently an online quiz if you are bored with your jigsaw puzzles!

Suggestions for this Sunday’s worship will follow soon.

God bless

Rod x

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