Message on 6th Feb

Dear friends,

It’s been very encouraging to hear this week that the “real life” data on the vaccination roll out confirms the evidence of the original clinical trials, that they are safe and effective. In particular, it confirms that you achieve excellent protection by 21 days after the first dose, and that once vaccinated, you are very unlikely to be able to spread the virus.

So I’d like to encourage those of you who have been out of circulation for some time and have had at least your first jab 3 weeks ago or more, to think of coming back to church as a good first step back into the outside world.

There is a real danger after such a long time of isolation, that we lose the confidence to pick up the life in the community that we had before. And there will always have to be a first step towards that. Sunday services at St Andrew’s are conducted with all the safety that we’ve developed over this year, and we’ll keep to that until it’s safe to worship in closed proximity! Also, over half our folk have had their first jab last month ( indeed, almost all of our 9am congregation), so you won’t be a danger to yourself or anyone else. Besides which, we’d love to see you!

Because the scientific assessment is so reassuring, I’m happy to welcome folk over 70 to re-join the singers from 20 days after your jab. Also, we will once again hold our Thursday morning communion from the beginning of Lent.

And finally … thank you to the 30 people who have contributed a Thought for the Day for our Lent programme – we just need 10 more! I should have made it clear that they don’t have to be “Lenten” in theme – though they can be! – just something you have found helpful on the journey.

God bless,

Rod x