Message from Rod 7th June

Dear Friends,

Most of you will remember Fiona McCrae, who Gavin brought to church most Sundays in her wheelchair, and who was next to Margaret Coleborn whilst Gavin sang in the choir. Fiona died peacefully on Tuesday evening after living with severe illness for many years. Gavin’s care for her has been exceptional and inspirational in every way. We commend Fiona to God and to the peace and freedom that she so deserves.

You’ll see in the magazine that I’m far from happy with the timetable for reopening churches that has been imposed on us. Many clergy are now joining voices to bring what pressure we can to bear – and to show clearly how we could offer worship and a space for prayer in ways that would be entirely safe. I’m not much impressed with the Church of England’s reluctance to call the government out on this one.

Sue and I would have been on holiday next week if EasyJet had still been flying! So we plan to take a few days off. Eryl has kindly offered to provide material for worship along the lines of our monthly Family Worship, and Jeremy and Vicky will celebrate the Eucharist in St Andrew’s, so that there will not be a Sunday in which there hasn’t been a Eucharist in the church despite the virus.

Because of hols, I’ll be in churchyard at 4pm as usual this Thursday and Friday, 5th and 6th, but then not until Saturday 13th if you were planning to come for a chat! Thank you to you all.

Every blessing

Rod x