The Chancel Screen

The modern screen and the tablets below it were erected in 1921 as a war memorial to parishioners who died in the First World War; they were financed by public subscription. The screen was originally intended to have a rood (Christ on the Cross – in this case flanked by His Mother and St. John) on the top but insufficient money was raised for this. The screen was designed by F. E. Howard of Oxford and the work was carried out by Messrs. Mowbray.

The screen carries many coats of arms. These represent the ecclesiastical, local and regimental connections with this church. The coat of arms on the left of the west side is that of the Diocese of Bristol, and that on the right is that of Christ Church, Oxford (Cardinal Wolsey).

The following photograph shows a close-up of the central section of the vaulting in the top of the screen. It shows the crossed keys of St. Peter (which can also be seen in the west window of the porch) and the diagonal cross of St. Andrew, albeit unusually on a red, rather than blue, background.


Chancel Screen Memorial

On each side of the chancel screen (separating the chancel from the nave) at the rear of the nave altar platform is a carved and inscribed memorial to those who fell in the First World War. The two sides of the memorial are surmounted by the same inscription.

Here is a list of all the names on the memorial. A study of a Chippenham street map will show that many of these men have had local roads named after them.

Remember the men from this parish who fell in the Great War, 1914-1918 in whose memory the roodscreen is dedicated to Almighty God, a.d. 1921.

Frederick George Ashe Richard Elmes Ernest Lane Edwin Frank Scammell
Frederick Edward Avey Frederick Escott George John Little Reginald Edward Sheppard
Francis Edward Baker George William Fields Edwin Ernest Herbert Lough Arthur George Short
Thomas Baker Arthur Reginald Flower Gilbert John Mahoney Maurice William Short
William Albert Baker Herbert Thomas James Fortune Walter John Martin Richard Charles Silley
Gerald Harvey Barnfield Joseph Stanley Victor Fox James William Milford Frank Stapleford
Frederick Gideon Beasley Frank Goulding Albert Edward Millard Samuel Stott
Frank Beaven Frederick Orlando Goulding George Millard Arthur John Swanborough
Albert Bishop Francis John Griffin Henry John Morse Frank Tanner
Robert Blanchard John Edward Griffin Sidney Ivor Morse Herbert Arthur Tanner
George Bodman George William Fields Lewis John Morton William James Taylor
William Brewer Walter Frank Haines Albert George Newman James Thomas
Frederick George Bright Ladas Harcourt Hancock Walter George Parsons Ralph Thomas
Edwin John Brinkworth Walter Hancock Arthur John Payne Charles Tompkins
Thomas Brinkworth Alfred James Hand Herbert Henry Payne Ernest Townsend
Edward Bull Francis Herbert Harding Edgar Thomas Pearce Percy Tucker
Frederick George Bull John Henry Hatherell Stanley William James Pearce Reginald Tucker
Stephen Bull William James Hatherell Harold Pearce Frederick John Walker
Reginald Albert Butler Fred Heath Percy Pearce James Webb
Harry Button Maurice Heath Sidney Alan Penny William Webb
Thomas Henry Carpenter Gilbert Arthur Kennaugh Higgins Percy James Perkins George Weston
Robert William Carter Arthur George Hiscox Frank Phillips Harry John Wheeler
Edward Carvey Edward Hopkins John Roland Phillips Henry John Wicks
Albert Edward Chivers Fred Hudd Thomas Henry Powell Arthur William Wilkins
Edwin George Chivers George Hulbert Fred Powney Frederick Willis
Sidney James Chivers Alfred George Hunt Thomas Michael Alexander Puttock Ernest Daniel Wilson
William Joseph John Comley Percival George Havelock Hunt Arthur Sidney Rawlings Evelyn Seppings Wilson2
Sylvester Thomas Cook Elisha Frank Jones William Robinson Geoffrey Mervyn Underhill Wilson2
Henry George Couzens Harold Walter Jones Wallace Mortimer Rooke1 Herbert Raymond Wilson2
Noah Davis Ernest William Jones Roland John Rose Herbert Jesse Wiltshire
William Herbert Dickson Ivan Cecil Francis Joy Stephen Rose John Waddie Wishart
Noel Edwards Oscar James Kidd Simeon Rowe Joseph Wood
Orlando Edwards Gerald King Albert Thomas Rusher Reginald John Wood

  1. 1. Wallace Rooke is also commemorated in a brass plate on the wall of the south aisle.
  2. 2. The three Wilson brothers are also commemorated in a stained glass window on the south side of the baptistry.