Connecting in the Outdoors

I hope that the rather limited relaxation of the lock down will give people a little relief from isolation.

In particular, the possibility of meeting with a friend outdoors is something I’d like to encourage as much as possible, and the churchyard seems to me to be an ideal place to meet safely in this lovely weather.

So I’ll put two tables out from 8am till 6pm each day, one at each end of our lovely new forecourt area, with two chairs to each table. Do please feel free to arrange to meet a friend there whenever you wish. Bring your own coffee!

Because I miss you all very much, I plan to be there at 4pm each day for an hour, and sit and enjoy the sun. If you would like to take a walk in the churchyard and sit down for a chat at a safe distance, you’d be most welcome. Or we could take a safe walk together.

If more than one person turns up, it might be necessary to stroll around for a bit. But I’ll be there each day, so no need to rush on Monday.

If you are shielding, then please do say if you’d like me to say hello from the pavement in front of your house instead.

God bless

Rod x