The gift of a child is one of the most precious of God’s miracles and we’re always thrilled to be able to share with parents in celebrating that gift.

There are two services in the Church which offer the chance to give thanks to God and ask His blessing on a child. The first is Baptism, where parents choose the Christian faith for their child, and promise to bring them up as Christians; the second is a Blessing and Thanksgiving, ,often called “Christening”, where your child is given godparents and their Christian name, but the choice to follow the Christian faith is left to your child in later life.

Baptisms take place during the 10.30am All Age Communion service on the second Sunday of each month. Blessing and Thanksgiving services can usually be arranged for a Sunday afternoon to suit the family.

To discuss with the priest which of these is the most appropriate service for you, please contact us, or drop by the Church Office between 6pm and 6:30pm on a Monday evening.     tel: 01249 655947