Lighting a Candle in Church

On the right side of church, near the font, you’ll find a stand where you can light a candle – and a card for you to take home – as well as a notebook where you can write down anything or anyone you would like us to pray for.

Often when we pray, it isn’t easy to find words.

You may want to say thank you to God, or ask him to be close to someone in need.

You may be remembering someone who has died and want to express love, thankfulness and heartache all at the same time.

But God always hears what our heart is praying, even when we can’t express it.

Lighting a candle can be a prayer without words. Just being still and  holding someone in your heart is enough.

When you go home, remember the light of your candle still shining and your prayer which stays as a light in God’s heart even when

every other light fails.

“Lord Jesus, let your light of love shine on me today and on everyone

I have been praying for.

You shared our earthly life and

you know and share our every joy and sorrow. Help me to

see you more clearly,

love you more dearly,

follow you more nearly

today and every day. Amen”

Parish Retreat at Glastonbury

Glastonbury Retreat 2017, Abbey House Retreat Centre, Friday 17th to Sunday 19th March (3rd Sunday in Lent)

Booking form available at the back of church 

Why go on a Retreat?

The word “retreat” (apart from its meaning on the battlefield!) usually conjures up an attractive picture of anything from a cottage in the country to a quiet hour by the fire with a good book. I guess the more stressed our daily lives happen to be, the more we are likely to respond positively to the idea of a retreat.

But the point of a retreat for us is simply to spend time more closely in God’s company. Jesus set the precedent himself in seeking out a quiet place to pray— at pretty well every possible opportunity.

A good mix of worship, reflection, prayer and silence has been found over many centuries to be an effective environment for this to happen.

For some, complete silence is at the heart of a retreat, and we shall entirely respect this. But for others, fellowship, discussion and times together are equally vital –so here will be a room set aside for quiet conversation too. A trip to Wells cathedral has also become a tradition!

If you think you’d like to give it a try and would like to know more— do speak to Rod



Foundations of Faith Launches Soon!

Foundations of Faith is an informal discussion group on the “Christian Basics” (what do we mean by God? Who is Jesus? How can I understand the bible? What about other faiths? – there’s no end to the possible questions!) – looking at the central claims of our faith and trying to understand them better. It’s very informal and there are no right or wrong answers on offer, just a chance to share ideas and hear some of the ways people have answered these questions in the past. It’s as valuable for committed Christians as it is for people who are considering the claims of faith – and it’s also a good preparation for adults thinking about baptism or confirmation. The initial course is of 8 session course and it will begin soon! We’ll meet fortnightly, but which  evening depends on who is interested and when they can come! So contact Rod, 652788, if you’d like to learn more, or  keep watching this space for the starting date once we’re in business!