Knitted Crib Journey 2020

Our Advent journey for the holy family has to take a different path this year! Rather than passing the figures on from house to house, each household has their own sheep, booklet and candle and picture of the stable to arrange in their home.

Sheep on their way – without the aid of Satnav.


Lucia either has a very fluffy nose, or she loves her sheep!


Where does the time go? The twins are now 10 – and the sheep have gone multi-coloured!



It’s an LED candle – you’ll be relieved to know!



Who’d have thought sheep would have such good colour coordination?


So that’s where all those lost sheep got to!


Even shepherds need a rest sometimes …


… and sheep might fly …


I don’t want to worry you Reese, but you’ve got a Christmas tree stuck to your back…
Can’t sleep? Try counting sheep
Maybe the tooth fairy will visit Madeline as well as Santa
Lovely Nativity with flying sheep, cows … and houses??
Come on in! Everyone’s welcome!


Is that really snow? (We’re not in Chippenham now Toto!)
They’re under Starter’s Orders in the Bethlehem Grand National…
“Oh Little Miss Sheep! Only you can stop the runaway train!”
“These new Eco Churches are so much easier to keep warm!”
Everything is perfect, except these sheep are making the donkey feel vertically challenged!
I think the sheep are trying to tell Betty they’re not really built for tree climbing…


“Great idea! We can all get a lift to Bethlehem on this butterfly!”
Does the tree go up through a hole in the ceiling?
With only a few wrong turnings – Bethlehem’s in sight!



Phew! Made it!

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