Some of our “Easter in Adversity” gardens


Vicki and Jeremy’s Easter Journey began with a familiar donkey….


Candle light on a Maundy Thursday table
A beautiful Easter celebration




 … and the empty tomb!



The New Fire at dawn




The paschal candle – the Light of Christ




… and here’s a beautiful one from Chris and Alan that can actually go on a table (which was the plan….)
Rod and Sue’s garden for the altar in church – representing all our gardens being blessed!
From Sue and Eddie – lovely!
An aerial view of Maureen and David’s
I don’t know whose this is …. but it’s lovely!
Andrew’s Easter hillside (or Tom’s?)
Tom’s Easter meadow (or Andrew’s?)
Michael and Angela’s green shadey garden
Mary Waite’s garden in the round
Mary Waite’s Easter Table!
Easter Lilies in Ros’s garden – on Easter Day!
Becky Harding’s – so simple and effective! The camellia flower comes from a tree Becky thought had died – so a resurrection!


A beautiful creation by Sheila Lawrence
You have to guess who this one is by!




Very natural from Jeanette and George -with a butterfly, a symbol of resurrection



Pride of place, (on merit only of course!) to this garden from Edith Willow, our granddaughter in Bristol ….


Rod and Sue’s idea to get things started…
Charlie, Jacob, Henry and Dougie made this fabulous creation in their garden
Same garden … with bunnies!




Sue Stearn with a clever idea!























Barry and Dorryta’s by day …..

….. and at night!

and some eggs ready to celebrate!

Pip and Chris’s looks very natural



The Minimalist approach


A lovely garden from Maurice and Jean (thosr figures look familiar….)
From David and Elizabeth – full of fun
Lynette and Reece’s wreath
Joy and Rob’s wreath



















Lucia from Andys@4 has been very creative


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