The Church is Open

I’m delighted to say that our church building is now open from Morning Prayer at 8.30 am till about 4 pm each day. We’ve had to install CCTV for security, but as this now allows us to be open for visitors and pilgrims every day!

I recently visited – or tried to visit – All Saints’ Church, Maidstone, where Sue and I were married. It’s a major church in the centre of a large town, but it was locked up, with no indication at all as to when it might be open or how to find a key. The disappointment I felt made me realise how happy I am that we can finally be open for such occasions – and for the many, many people who value a time of quiet, reflection or prayer at all times of the week.

We’ve been experimenting now since October and I’m pleased to report that we’ve had not one single problem – and that every visitor has valued our beautiful building and treated it with respect.

The more people who come in and out of the building, the safer it will continue to be.

It’s your church – do make use of it!

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