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St Andrew’s Lent Course 2017
“Rev.” – Good News in a World of Struggle
In the BBC’s brilliant comedy “Rev.” we get alongside Rev Alan Smallbone and Alex, his wife, in their inner-city parish, and begin by wondering why on earth such a nice, well-meaning couple would put up with such an awful and unrewarding job. Surely stacking shelves in Tesco would be a better option! But gradually we see how their commitment to faith, hope and love can create moments of transforming joy in the midst of misery, and we start to recognise that there’s more to this Christianity business than leaky build-ings and difficult parishioners! Our Lent course this year will be based on 5 excepts from the series, ending with the powerful depiction of Good Friday in the last episode.
Commences week beg. 6th March. Details and sign-up leaflets at the back of church – or phone Rod on 652788

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