Foundations of Faith Launches Soon!

Foundations of Faith is an informal discussion group on the “Christian Basics” (what do we mean by God? Who is Jesus? How can I understand the bible? What about other faiths? – there’s no end to the possible questions!) – looking at the central claims of our faith and trying to understand them better. It’s very informal and there are no right or wrong answers on offer, just a chance to share ideas and hear some of the ways people have answered these questions in the past. It’s as valuable for committed Christians as it is for people who are considering the claims of faith – and it’s also a good preparation for adults thinking about baptism or confirmation. The initial course is of 8 session course and it will begin soon! We’ll meet fortnightly, but which  evening depends on who is interested and when they can come! So contact Rod, 652788, if you’d like to learn more, or  keep watching this space for the starting date once we’re in business!

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